If you found the perfect doggy in the window, you will need to prepare your home. For many people a new puppy is like a new member of their family. Just like a newborn baby, your new puppy will need to have certain items to care for them when you bring them home. Here are some of the essentials that you will want before you bring your puppy home:

Collars, Harnesses, Tags And Leashes For Those Walks With Your Pup

When you get your puppy home, you will need to take him or her for walks. To do this, you will need to have a collar and a leash. If the puppy is a smaller breed, you may need to have a harness to walk the dog until it gets a little bigger. In addition to leashes and collars, you will also want to have the identification tags with all the puppy's information, in case it ever gets lost and needs help finding its way home.

Items To Contain Young Dogs And Help House Train Them

There is also the issue of house training when you bring a dog home. Crate training is an option, for which you will need a dog crate that is big enough for your companion. Baby gates are also a good way to keep the puppy in one area while you are trying to house train them. Puppy mats may seem like a good idea, but using them may encourage the dog to go to the same place where it has left a scent before, which can defeat the purpose of house training. It is best to just use a bucket and mop to clean up messes until you get the dog trained.

Giving The Puppy A Comfortable Place To Sleep With Dog Beds Or Blankets

Just like you, a puppy needs to have a comfortable place to sleep. This can be a soft dog bed to comfort them. Some young pups may chew on things a lot, which can be a problem with dog beds that filled with synthetic materials. These materials can block the intestines if ingested. If your dog is a chewer, use a blanket instead to prevent them from ingesting things that can cause them health problems.

Grooming Supplies And Feeding Systems To Care For Your Pup

It is also important to have good grooming tools for your new puppy. This includes things like scissors, brushes and flea combs. You may also want to have nail clippers to trim the puppy's nails when needed. In addition to grooming, you will also want to have feeding systems. Get bowls that the dog can easily reach. If they chew on things, stainless-steel bowls may be a good investment.

These are some of the essential items you will need before you can take that doggy in the window home. If you are ready to get your new pup, contact a pet supplies service, such as Petland of Crystal Lake, to get all the essentials you need to make your young new friend feel right at home.