Anyone with a dog has probably picked up their share of poop. Cleaning up after your pet is part of being a responsible pet owner, after all. Places like New York City have even enacted "Pooper-Scooper" laws that require pet owners to remove all pet waste from public areas, so it's also often a legal requirement. Many people just try to keep a spare plastic bag or two in their pocket to pick up waste, but it's not the most convenient way to go. Keep reading to learn a couple of clever innovations that make your job as the designated "canine waste picker-upper" much easier.

Poop Bag Dispensers

One of the main reasons that pet waste isn't always picked up is that people may forget to bring bags along on a walk with their pet. A poop bag dispenser solves this problem neatly: The dispenser is a bullet-shaped plastic shell that attaches firmly to the pet's leash.

Just pull the bags out through the hole in the dispenser whenever a bag is needed. When the bags are gone, just load a new spool of bags into the dispenser. It takes only a few seconds and it's a guaranteed way to avoid getting caught without a waste bag. You can buy dispensers at pet stores, online, or even in the pet section of some grocery stores today.

Scented Waste Bags

Even experienced pet owners may dread poop pick-up because of the odor. Even after the waste is contained in a bag that is knotted firmly, the odor may linger. You probably prefer to enjoy fresh air on your walks rather than having to carry an odorous bag, so scented pet waste bags may be the perfect answer.

The pet waste bags may have a floral scent like lavender, a fresh pine scent, or they may simply be labeled as "odor killing" bags. Some of the scented waste bags even have special colors, patterns or designs. While a scented pet waste bag is hardly essential to your survival, it can certainly make your job of toting poop bags to the garbage can a much better olfactory experience.

You can find scented pet waste bags for dogs in pet stores or online. They may cost a bit more than the unscented versions, but your nose will thank you for spending just a little bit more.

As a good pet owner, you also need to remember to treat yourself well too. Adding the two things above into your pet waste pick-up routine can help you enjoy your walks with your furry friend even more.