Do you have a cat that loves to go outside? Have you ever considered what happens to your cat when he or she goes outside? Many cats can become extremely unhappy if they get confined to being an indoor-only cat. But unfortunately for your cat, there are a number of reasons why they shouldn't be allowed to roam freely. If you want to keep your cat happy and still keep him or her safe, consider putting up a fence to keep your kitty within your own yard. The reasons for doing this are many:

Predators: If you live in a rural area, it can be all too easy for your cat to wander across the path of a large and hungry animal. Stray dogs or even wildcats are only some of the dangers that your cat might face in the great outdoors. If your cat comes across one of these animals, it may think it will be able to take care of itself and instead wind up seriously wounded or worse. While you can't explain to your cat the importance of staying close to your house, you can use cat fencing supplies to ensure that your feline friend stays within an area defined by you. While such a fence is obviously not free, it could still be less expensive than the cost of taking your cat to the vet for emergency surgery.

Prey: While cats are adorable and fun to own, they do have the unfortunate habit of killing birds and other creatures even when they're not hungry. Each year, feral and owned cats are estimated to kill billions of birds and small animals. If you live near the range of an endangered species, your free-roaming cat may unintentionally be contributing to the problem. But by buying and installing cat fencing supplies, you can keep your cat contained and happy while keeping him or her from most unwarranted killing. Your cat may still kill sparrows or other birds that happen to land in your backyard, but limiting his or her range will also limit his or her innocent killing sprees.

Diseases: Not only can cats pick up diseases from the animals that they catch, such as rabies, but both feral and stray cats can be host to a wide variety of potentially deadly illnesses. Even if your cat never gets into a fight and is friendly with other felines that he or she meets, your kitty could pick up diseases like the feline leukemia virus or the feline immunodeficiency virus. These illnesses can be extremely expensive to treat and deal with, although your pet may still live a relatively long and happy life with adequate care. Fortunately, keeping your cat fenced in will help limit exposure and help prevent your kitty from catching any serious illnesses.