If you have a dog that is somewhat difficult to train, either because they are hyper, have aggression issues, or are easily distracted, then you may benefit from using a dog training collar on them. A dog training collar is going to give your dog a small shock whenever you press a button. This shock can be set to different levels, depending on the size of your dog and what you want them to feel. Many of the dog training collars also come with the option of simply having the collar beep to get your dog's attention or to warn them that a shock is coming if they don't listen. This article will discuss 3 ways that a dog training collar can help with dog training. 


If your dog has a problem with barking, this can be a big issue if you live in a neighborhood setting. When your dog barks at night, they are likely going to make the other dogs in the neighborhood start barking as well. This can then wake up a lot of people in the neighborhood, creating a lot of angry neighbors for you. If telling your dog to be quiet multiple times during the day and night isn't working for you, then trying a training collar may be the next step. You can give your dog a small shock whenever they bark. This will teach them not to bark because they know that a shock is coming. If your dog doesn't respond to a lower level of shock, you can always turn it up a bit so that they feel the shock a bit more. 

Obeying Basic Commands

If you are trying to train your dog to follow basic commands but they aren't listening to your voice commands, then adding in a dog training collar along with the voice commands may be helpful. You can give the command to them, and if they don't listen, you can then give them a beep warning. If they still don't listen after that, then you can give them a shock. This will teach them to listen to you when you are giving them a command. It will also let them know that if they do listen to your command, that they aren't going to get shocked. 

Leash Training 

When your dog pulls on the leash excessively when you are trying to walk them, this may be dangerous for both you and for your dog. Dangerous for you because you can't control the dog and dangerous for them because they may break away from you and run into traffic. Using a dog training collar can be helpful because it will give your dog a shock each time that they pull away from you. This helps them to realize that they can't pull on the leash and helps them to know when they are pulling too hard. 

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