Do you have a quirky or crafty side that you like to show off and are looking to make a little extra money? Why not try out crafting personalized metal dog ID tags? This relatively simple act can actually make you decent money, as long as you do it properly.

Owners Often Show Their Personality Through Their Pet

Dog owners are often very close to their pets and love to show off their personality through their dog. It's not uncommon to see dogs with weird and wild hair styles that showcase their owner's fashion and style interests. Tapping into this personality quirk of dog owners is a great way to make a little money, because many are often looking for an inexpensive accessory to add to their pup.

Custom dog ID tags are a great idea here because they are not only simple to make, but are relatively inexpensive. They are also very useful because they serve a dual purpose of providing a new style while identifying your dog.

Simple Ideas You Can Integrate

Once you have an idea of how to craft metal dog ID tags, you need to come up with a few basic engraving ideas which you can use to show off your skills. These ideas show off a fun and silly side of your dog and include the following concepts:

  • Multiple shapes are appropriate – small dogs, bones, and even fire hydrants are fun dog ID shapes
  • The name should be included – as well as their address and other identification items
  • Fun colors can be integrated – try to create multiple colors that can go well with dogs with hair of multiple hues
  • Funny sayings can be added – a funny phrase that indicates a quirky dog personality (such as "I'm the head mutt!") can make a dog ID more personal

Decide on a few basic ideas before making several display models that you can show to people in your shop or at trade shows. This will intrigue them and potentially get them to ask for a custom dog ID tag engraved from you.

By pricing your dog tag appropriately (anywhere from $10-$15 per tag should be enough to cover your material and time investment), you can make decent extra money on the side. Just make sure to take your crafts out to fairs and other selling events, or even try selling your dog ID tags online, in order to increase your chance of making good money.