If you are starting to get into duck hunting, then you've probably realized that it's much easier to do with a retriever out there getting your ducks for you. But you can't take an untrained retriever out there. You are likely to end up with half-eaten ducks, a dog that shies when you shoot or a dog that doesn't listen when you tell them what to do. If you are going to get a retriever to train as your gun dog, then there are things that you are going to need to do. 

Start With Obedience

You can't just start your dog into hunting training classes; you have to build up. Think of all the training they are going to need to be a good hunting dog as college. You wouldn't just start out at that level, you would start at kindergarten and work your way up. It's the same with your dog. Take a basic obedience course with them so that they know all the first level of commands. Work with them until they have those mastered. Among other things, those commands should make sure your dog returns to you when called and will stay with you when ordered. Once they have all those commands mastered, take them out in the field and start working on them there. Many pet stores or hunting supply stores offer obedience classes and advanced hunting obedience classes you can take advantage of.

Let Them Play

Retrievers are built to retrieve. It's in their DNA. But you don't want to make it so that it's not fun for your dog. A sullen retriever isn't going to want to go out and get the duck. Instead, make sure that it's fun for them, so give them a chance to play when you can. Let your dog get in the water and play around when you aren't hunting. Throw balls or training bumpers out in the water for your dog to bring back to you. Not only is this stealthy training, it's a good way to bond with your dog. Having a good relationship with your dog is going to make a lot of difference in your hunting. Your dog is going to trust that you aren't going to hurt them and that the water is fun and you know that your dog is going to go out and do what you ask them to do. 

Duck hunting can be a lot of fun. Training your dog so that they can go out with you will make it much more enjoyable. Visit a company like Lion Country Supply to learn more about what supplies to take with you to have an enjoyable trip.