Service dogs can be a great benefit to individuals with a disability. A trained dog is taught to pick up items their handler cannot, alert their owner when it's time to take medication, and even detect an oncoming seizure. In order for your service dog to be permitted in places that typically do not allow animals, you'll need to have proof that the canine is indeed a service dog. This can be done by obtaining a service dog registration kit. When searching for the perfect kit, you'll need to make sure it includes the following four things:

1. A Lifetime Registration

Make sure the kit you decide to go with includes a lifetime registration for your service dog. You don't need the hassle of having to renew the registration, paying additional fees each time. 

2. Official Certificate

While every service dog registration kit comes with a certificate, they aren't all paper certificates. A few companies only give customers the option to have an electronic version of the certificate that can be downloaded and printed at home. Should you wish to have a hard copy of the certificate sent to you, be careful to read the fine print to select a company that offers this with their kits.  

3. Professional Quality Photo ID Card

A professional quality photo ID is especially important when traveling, as it properly identifies the service dog. Look for a kit that offers this type of ID. The card must have the dog's name and picture, as well as the name of the dog's handler. It should also have the company logo and contact information from the organization you bought it from. As an added bonus, many companies will also throw in a few clips for the photo ID that can be used to attach the card to the dog's harness or bandana. 

4. Dog Tag

Sadly, there is always a chance that the service dog and its handler could become separated. A dog tag is the best way to ensure both dog and handler are reunited quickly. Although your canine may be wearing the photo identification card, this card does not include the handler's contact information should the dog become lost. The dog tag will include this, as well as any other details you'd like to add. For example, you may wish to include the U.S. Department of Justice's telephone number in the event that you come across a business that tries to deny your service dog entrance.