If your dog has been diagnosed with anxiety, cancer, or chronic arthritis pain, then CBD oil is a wonderful natural treatment to try. However, if you are hesitant to purchase and try it because your dog is finicky about what they will and won't eat, then these tips will help you dose them without incident.

Tip: Always Follow the Product Label's Dosage Recommendations

Since CBD oils are made by different manufacturers and have various strengths, it is important you follow the product label's dosage recommendations. Additionally, if you have never used THC or CBD oils with your pet, then go slow and work your way up to a full dose to see how your dog tolerates the new medication.

Tip: Add the CBD Oil to Your Dog's Food or Treats for Drama-Free Consumption

If your dog doesn't do well with taking medication and you have been putting off trying CBD oil because you don't want the frustration and fights that come with dosing them, then simply put the oil on your dog's food.

If you have tried putting the oil on their food and your dog balks at the unusual smell and won't eat their food, then buy some special dog treats and put the CBD oil directly on the treat before giving it to your dog. This often works well if you try a treat your dog isn't familiar with the smell of.

Tip: Purchase Only Organically Grown CBD Oils

It takes a lot of hemp or cannabis plant material to create CBD oil. This is one of the reasons that high-grade products come with a high price tag. 

Since CBD oil is extracted from the plant material, it not only contains CBD but also all of the pesticides and other contaminants used in the growing process. For this reason, you should only purchase organically grown CBD oils for your dog. Otherwise, your dog may be getting dosed with pesticides and harmful chemicals instead of being helped by the CBD.

Tip: Do Your Own Research and Due Diligence

In conclusion, it is important to note that when it comes to cannabis and hemp products such as CBD oils, there just isn't a lot of government testing or regulation. For the most part, CBD oils are in the same class as other supplements and are not regulated in the way prescription drugs are. For this reason, you must do your own due diligence and research to ensure you are purchasing your dog's medicine from a reputable producer. 

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