Walking your dog in the morning and at night, particularly if you're away from the house during the day, provides your pet with a good amount of exercise. Depending on when you leave for work and when you return home, you might often have to walk your dog in low-light situations. If so, it's important for the dog to be as visible as possible. Many people outfit their dogs with puffer coats during the winter months, as this garment can provide warmth to keep your pet comfortable when it's cold outside. Some puffer coats are more visible than others. Ideally, you should choose one that has these three things.

Bright Color

A bright-colored puffer coat will go a long way toward improving visibility when you're out on a walk. Depending on where you're walking, it may be important for motorists and cyclists to be aware of you and the pet and to give you your space. A dark-colored puffer coat can blend into the environment, particularly at dawn or at dusk. A brighter color, meanwhile, will be easy to spot from a distance. When possible, choose a coat that is bright red, yellow, green, or another eye-catching hue.

Glossy Finish

When you're looking at a selection of puffer coats for dogs at your local pet store, you'll see that some of these garments have glossy finishes and others are more matte in appearance. If you're concerned about increasing your dog's visibility, you'll want to choose a garment that has a glossy finish. This finish is noticeably brighter than its matte counterpart, which will help to catch peoples' attention as they approach.

Reflective Elements

A glossy finish can make your dog's puffer coat stand out, but choosing a coat that has a few reflective elements will help even more in this regard. If you're a jogger, you likely have a piece of clothing with reflective elements to help you be visible to motorists when you're jogging in the dark. Keep this point in mind as you shop for a puffer coat. The instant that a vehicle's headlights make contact with the dog's coat, the reflective elements will seemingly light up and be nearly impossible to miss. Many coats have reflective strips or patches on the front, back, and sides of the garment. By choosing a puffer coat that has these three features, you'll be confident in your pet's visibility during low-light walks.

For more information about puffer coats for dogs, contact a local company.