When you enjoy spending your time riding horses, the quality of the saddle used can mean everything to your comfort and the comfort of your horse. The western saddle is by far the most popular type of saddle everyday riders prefer. The comfortable build and sturdy shape enhance the riding experience, and the saddles can last through years of heavy use. While western saddles are not difficult to find, you do have to use discernment when you want to make sure you get the best. Take a look at a few features to look for in a well-made western saddle. 

Examine the Quality of the Leather 

The quality of the leather used to make the western saddle is one of the most important factors to examine when you are trying to determine the quality. The best western saddles are made with high-grade leather. The material should feel pliable when it is pulled and soft to the touch when you place your fingers against it. Watch out for problems like deep fissures and wrinkles, uneven textures, and areas that seem thinner than everywhere else. The best leather will be consistent in both thickness and texture. 

Evaluate the Construction of the Saddle

A well-made western saddle will have a relatively stellar construction. All parts should seem taught and seams should be tight. Look at the point where the cantle joins the side panels and seat to make sure the seams are held together well. Look at the saddle flaps and stirrups to make sure the parts are held in place snugly. Don't be afraid to pull or tug on the different parts to make sure there are no flaws in construction that could pose problems as you ride. 

Assess the Fleece or Lining on the Bottom 

Good western saddles are made with a cushy lining that rests against the horse's back. Several materials may be used for the purpose, such as fleece, cotton padding, or even wool. In any case, the underside of the saddle should be covered with high-quality materials. When evaluating a western saddle for sale, be sure to flip it over and look at the padding. When you press your fingers against the material it should feel springy and soft to the touch and not thin or rough. Remember, the more comfortable it is for you to touch the more comfortable it will be on your horse when you use the saddle for riding. 

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